Online Level 2 – Program Manager


Online certification program for Level 2 – Certified Wellness Program Manager (CWPM)



The online certification program begins with registration on our website and purchase of the WellCertsm Program Course. There may be a short delay while the credit card purchase is cleared. Each registrant receives the following:

  • A hard copy of the 220+ page Course Workbook and a cover letter will be Fed Exped within 2-5 business days.
  • Immediate access to the online Course and the Orientation Module for downloading important attachments:
    • Course Workbook
    • CaseBook
    • Course Evaluation Survey
  • Immediate 24/7 access to the additional twelve (12) online modules that provide the bulk of the technical content of the program.
  • A quiz is provided at the end of each of the thirteen (13) modules.
  • A 20 -30 minute exit interview telephone call to discuss the CaseBook and job/career issues.
  • A congratulatory email and the eCertificate will then be mailed to the successful participant.
  • Each WellCertsm graduate will then begin receiving an email with articles, information and monographs every two weeks thereafter called the WellCert Connections.

The certification process begins with a review of the Orientation Module that provides a briefing on the process and content of the course. A paper copy of the Course Workbook is Fed Exed to each participant and the expectation is that the participant will complete all thirteen (13) online modules within a twelve (12) month period along with the other two major course requirements, the CaseBook and the Course Evaluation Survey.

A planned exit interview conference call with the WellCertsm Master Instructor is then scheduled. Once the CaseBook and Course Evaluation Survey have been discussed, the successful applicant will receive an email along with a PDF copy of the certificate of certification suitable for framing. The date of the Certificate will be used to determine the timing of the individual’s recertification requirement.


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