APA 2015 Work and Well-Being Survey

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This 2015 survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) is a national sample of over 1,500 American employees and contains a wealth of data on employee attitudes, preferences and perspectives on work, trust, fairness, stress levels, mental health and well-being. Lots of useful data in addition to the fact that this is the 5th year or wave for much of the survey content. Results also reveal early trends affecting employee perceptions concerning work.

Some selected highlights include:

– The majority of workers (71%) continue to report that they are satisfied with their jobs.
– The majority of workers (61%) are satisfied with the work-life balance practices offered by their employer.
– The majority of workers (73%) believe that their employer values the health and safety of its employees.
– A minority of employees (43%) feel their employer helps employees develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
– A minority of employees (35%) regularly participate in the health and wellness programs provided by their employer.

Practical Significance: This national survey helps provide a real time look at employee sentiment regarding a variety of important HR and wellness issues. It can be used as normative comparisons for local program survey results along with providing value context for program planning and evaluation. Very useful survey showing trends over the past 5 years for most items.

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