SellingWellness Training for Benefits Professionals

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SellingWellness is a four-hour engaging online professional training for benefits services professionals within health plans, brokerages, and employers. It demystifies the toughest issues in wellness, providing confidence-building talk-tracks and simpler solutions.

Does your client-facing team know how to connect the dots on wellness? 

With increasing pressures, employers of every size are turning to wellness, well-being, and productivity strategies to reduce benefits costs and increase productivity.

You’ve built wellness solutions and services, but does your team really understand how they drive value for clients?  Wellness solutions require a different level of engagement in the organization than many traditional health plan features.  To accelerate the decision process for clients, your staff needs to have a clear picture on how wellness works and how your solutions drive value. That’s where SellingWellness comes in.

SellingWellness builds these skills:

  • Skill 1: Employee health economics helps ensure clients see the bigger picture by understanding how employee health impacts their business results—costs as well as productivity.
  • Skill 2: Becoming a wellness advocate gives your team core talk-tracks to overcome the main objections to investing in wellness.
  • Skill 3: Wellness program design gives your team greater credibility on what it takes to deliver effective programming.
  • Skill 4: Wellness and benefits design goes deeper on how to leverage benefit features to maximize wellness results.
  • Skill 5: Analyzing wellness results gives your team a simple framework for wellness metrics and insight into how to measure results.
  • Skill 6: Basic wellness consulting uses a case study to synthesize the learning, and provides answers to thorny client questions.
    How does Selling Wellness work?

We know how to drive results in wellness.  Health plans and national benefits services firms have relied on Chapman Institute for over 10 years to train hundreds of their wellness experts through our comprehensive WellCert program.

Each skill consists of a 20-45 minute video training session and an engagement quiz to reinforce the learning.  The last skill of the 4-hour course includes work on a client case that synthesizes the learning and helps participants practice building consulting skills.

Download a PDF overview of the program with more details here!

Participants also receive a 60-page color handbook PDF with slides and tools like answers to tough questions, details on analytical methodologies, compliance issues, and much more.

We offer volume pricing. SellingWellness can also be enhanced to integrate performance management—ongoing surveys to track how participants apply the learning. For large groups, we can also integrate custom content. Email [email protected] to request details.

Participants complete the training at their own pace. Each skill includes a review of the topics covered so far.  Wellness practice leads and managers can access reporting to gauge individual progress and mastery of the material.

FREE EXCERPT: Skill 2 – Becoming a Wellness Advocate


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