Online Certification

Our online certification programs include over 10 hours of instruction, as well as readings, and casebook exercises to ensure you master the material that will improve your career and program success.  Go at your own pace, and level-up your skillset!

Online Certifications include a FREE optional one-on-one professional coaching session with Larry Chapman, founder and presenter of WellCert, and one free year of our WellCert Membership.

Watch a video on our program and what’s covered in Level 1:

Online participants also receive:

  • A hard copy of the 200+ page Course Workbook and a cover letter within 3 to 5 working days.
  • Immediate 24/7 access to the online Orientation Module and its downloadable attachments.
  • Immediate 24/7 access to the twelve (12) additional online modules that provide the bulk of the technical content of the program.
  • From the Orientation Module download the following three documents:
    • An electronic copy of the Course Workbook.
    • For Levels 2-4, an electronic copy of the CaseBook* with the exercises to be completed by the participant.
    • An electronic copy of the Course Evaluation Survey to be completed by the participant.
  • After completing each module, a ten question True-False quiz must be completed with at minimum 80% correct answers.
  • Certification requires finishing all learning modules and completing the Exam and/or CaseBook and Course Evaluation
  • An eCertificate suitable for mounting is then sent to each successful participant.

All purchases on our website are non-transferrable. The purchaser must be the end or ultimate user.

* = The CaseBook is an electronic document where the participants completes the application of each skill to a specific case organization.

The participant usually starts with an online orientation module that provides a briefing on the process and overview of the content of the course. Three key documents are downloaded from the Orientation Module. A paper copy of the Course Workbook is mailed to each participant and the expectation is that the participant will complete all thirteen (13) online modules within a twelve month period along with the other requirements. The CaseBook and the Course Evaluation Survey must be completed and then submitted for review and discussion in a planned conference call with the Master Instructor.

Once the Casebook has been reviewed and discussed, and all quizzes successfully completed, the successful applicant will receive an email along with a certificate of certification suitable for framing. The date of the eCertificate will be used to determine the timing of the recertification requirement to keep the certification status in an “active” mode.  Scholarships for our online certification are available for government/non-profit employees, college students, and individuals with financial needs. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to request more information.

Prerequisites for the WellCert Program:

There are no educational, work or program management requirements for Levels 1 through 4 of the WellCert Program. The prerequisites for each level of certification are the preceding levels.

Continuing Education Requirement:

In order for each individual who completes any level of certification to maintain an active certification status on the WellCert Registry they need to complete a minimum of two online modules of their choosing from the Chapman Institute each 12 month period after completing their training.  Only CE from Chapman Institute meets our requirements. CE is available when you sign up for the  WellCert Membership.

WellCert Registry:

For each individual who has successfully met the certification requirement for one or more levels of certification, their name, last level of certification completed, is displayed on the WellCert Registry maintained by the Chapman Institute.  Individuals who do not continue to meet their CE requirements are moved to lapsed status on the registry, but can become current simply by signing up for the  WellCert Membership.. Click here to go to the WellCert Registry.

Online Certification Courses

NEW Free Excerpt: Level 1 – Program Coordinator

Free excerpt: WellCert Certified Wellness Program Coordinator - Level 1. Orientation and key frameworks.


Online certification program for Level I – Certified Wellness Program Coordinator (CWPC)

Level 1 – Program Coordinator

Online certification program for Level I – Certified Wellness Program Coordinator (CWPC)

Level 2 - Program Manager

Online certification program for Level 2 - Certified Wellness Program Manager (CWPM)

Level 4 - Program Consultant

Online certification program for Level 4 - Certified Worksite Wellness Program Consultant