Health Promotion in the Workplace – 5th Edition Michael P. O’Donnell, Editor

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This comprehensive resource for anyone desiring to plan, design, implement or evaluate a Worksite Wellness program has been made available for free by it’s Editor Michael O’Donnell.  This 721 page textbook is the best single technical resource in the workplace health promotion and worksite wellness field. In it’s 5th Edition it represents a comprehensive reference for all things work and wellness oriented.  It also is organized around one of the most important constructs for our field – the “AMSO” construct.
The major sections of the eBook contain 23 Chapters and are organized around these 6 sections:
Section I -The Health Promotion Concept
Section II – Management Issues
Section III – Core Theories of Behavior Change for Motivation and Skill Building
Section IV – Core Program Foci: Building Skills and Creating Opportunities
Section V – Enhancing Opportunities
Section VI – Central and Emerging Trends


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