Results from Wellness combined with a CDHP

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A just published article in JOEM that presents the findings of a 5 year strategy combining a targeted well-being improvement strategy along with a full replacement Consumer-Driven Health Plan (CDHP). The results report 5 year improvements in a variety of key parameters in addition to cost savings and well-being improvement, clinical (obesity), behavioral (smoking), and productivity (presenteeism and absence) outcomes improved. This is one of the longest published looks at the combination of wellness programming and a full replacement CDHP.  The results should caused all employers to reconsider the value of a combined strategic approach for the employer community and a move to results-driven wellness. This published peer review study conducted by Healthways provides powerful evidence for the value of combining wellness interventions with CDHP plan designs.  Wellness needs strong integration with health plans to be fully effective.

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