Value-Based Insurance Design: Perspectives, Extending the Evidence, and Implications for the Future

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This 5 page article from the American Journal of Managed Care describes the new perspectives, evidence and future implications for Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID).  This article is one of the best on VBID that has been published to date. The article is useful to wellness professionals as a resource on integrating wellness into benefits design. The core mechanisms of VBID align patient cost-sharing amounts with the value of care. Value-based principles have also been written into the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by requiring coverage of certain preventive services without a copayment. Findings from studies of VBID programs have demonstrated the impact that value-based programs can have on particular patient populations and conditions. This paper highlights the findings from a series of related investigations examining the impact of an employer-sponsored VBID program in patients with diabetes and asthma. Moreover, we review evidence from value-based diabetes and asthma programs and provide guidance for the design of future programs.  Published: 2013

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