Using Wellness Incentives: Positive Tools for Healthy Lifestyles (2007 Edition)




This comprehensive resource in Book form is the most complete treatment of wellness incentives available anywhere. This Book (2007 Edition) provides more than 200 pages of “cutting edge” information on every aspect of the use wellness incentives. Beginning with a detailed story of the Center for Disease Control’s “Director’s Challenge” incentive program along with the ten year history of a wellness criteria based program called the “Wellness Challenge,” no detail was left out. Then more than twenty-five different incentive “pay values” are reviewed along with concrete examples of how each can be implemented. Then more than twenty different forms of wellness incentives linked to employee benefits are presented along with the current regulatory and tax status of wellness incentives. The role of “sentinel” features in the design of incentive programs are then detailed along with more than two hundred creative incentive ideas for some fifteen types of wellness behaviors and interventions. Finally, a full range of appendices provide a number of valuable tools for employers that seek to provide sustainable and effective incentives for their employee wellness programs.


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