WellCert Membership

$99.00 / year

This membership, available to WellCert grads only, gives you exclusive access to ongoing career and education resources from the Chapman Institute, and unlimited access to required Continuing Education modules.



Sign up today to immediately ACTIVATE a lapsed WellCert certification.

This membership along with the WellCert certification program are key investments in your ability to deliver wellness results.

For $99 per year, WellCert graduates get unlimited access to Continuing Education, the WellCert Resource Library—filled with tools, templates, and data, and Expert Q&A Sessions with our founder Larry Chapman.

Membership benefits

  • Free access to our library of Continuing Education modules – your ticket to keeping your certification active
  • Access to members-only monthly Expert Sessions with Larry Chapman
  • The WellCert Resource Library: A searchable database of over 100 curated professional resources on health costs, wellness ROI, scientific studies, templates for documents and slides, etc. including exclusive resources from Chapman Institute.
  • WellCert Research Service (beta): Ask us your toughest wellness questions and we will do the research for you!

We are working to add more value to the WellCert Membership package. We will continue to grow the list of resources available to WellCert Members. Please contact us if you would like to use our resources with individuals outside your organization.

WellCert Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How does Continuing Education work with the membership?

WellCert has always required two modules per year of Continuing Education to keep current with our certification.  Now for the SAME price of those two required modules, you get unlimited access to all our CE modules, and access to all the great resources included in our WellCert Membership for one year.  It is a better value than ever to stay active with your WellCert credential.


Can I just buy CE modules instead of the membership?

We are phasing out that option because the value is better with the membership for the same cost.


What does the WellCert Membership include?

WellCert Members receive exclusive resources to help them deliver results-driven wellness. They can participate in exclusive Expert Sessions with Larry Chapman and other WellCert grads. They get a searchable database of templates, slides, and up-to-date technical materials—our WellCert Resource Library. They get to request additional research from the Chapman Institute team to identify additional resources to help them do their job—our WellCert Research Service. Finally, they get free access to our library of Continuing Education online training modules.


Who can get access to the WellCert Membership?

This offer is currently only available to individuals who have completed one or more levels of WellCert wellness certification.


How much does the WellCert Membership cost?

This membership is perpetually FREE to anyone who has completed all four levels of WellCert!

For all other WellCert grads, our standard membership price is $199 per year but we will be honoring the $99 per year price indefinitely. Membership fees are charged at the beginning of your annual renewal cycle. Once initiated, memberships automatically renew each year but can be canceled at any time.


How do I cancel the WellCert Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time by visiting My Account on ChapmanInstitute.com. After you log in, look under the “My Subscriptions” heading. If your membership is active, you will see buttons to “Change Payment Method” or “Cancel” your subscription. You will also see the date of the next payment. If you are not currently active, you will see a button to “Renew” your membership there as well.


When will I be billed for the Membership?

In most cases, the credit card on file with your membership will be billed the day your free trial period ends. You may see on your credit card statement that this date is one or two days after your 30-day free trial. Each year, your membership renewal will be charged within two days of that date. If you think there has been an error with our charges, please use the contact form below to let us know.


I have completed all four levels of WellCert, but am having trouble getting access to the member benefits. What should I do?

Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to let us know the problem you are having so we can make sure you get the full benefit of the complimentary membership.


How does the WellCert Research Service (beta) work?

The WellCert Resource Library is packed with insights, data, and tools. However, we know that there are going to be wellness questions that it won’t answer (yet). To that end, we are pleased to offer all WellCert Members access to the WellCert Resource Service (beta). By entering your question in the research request form, our team can scour several databases and services as well as network with experts to try to get you answers.   When possible, these resources will be added to our Library for all WellCert Members to benefit from.

Note: This service is in “beta” because we aren’t sure yet how many of you will request answers to questions, and how quickly we will be able to answer those questions. We also reserve the right to limit access to this service if individual members make too many requests (you know who you are!). Help us keep offering this benefit by only asking for mission-critical research you know isn’t covered by resources in the WellCert Research Library.


How do I join the WellCert Expert Sessions?

These hour-long Q&A sessions with Larry and other WellCert grads occur monthly and take place on conference calls. Conference call information may change from time to time to ensure that these discussions are exclusive to WellCert Members.  Be sure to RSVP using the contact form below to reserve your spot.


Are their limits on how I use the materials provided to WellCert Members?

The WellCert Membership content and resources are intended for the use of WellCert members within their own organizations. If you would like to use these resources for client organizations or other third parties, please contact us using the form below.


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