10th Annual Study of Employee Benefit Trends

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The 10th anniversary edition of MetLife’s Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends marks a decade of exploring an evolving benefits landscape from the point of view of employers and employees across all U.S. regions, industries and company sizes. Through both robust years and through turbulent economic times, the Study has identified significant key findings and insights that have served to inform and shape today’s benefits strategies for employers and their advisors. Over the last decade, the Study has found that employers’ top benefits objectives – to control costs, attract and retain employees and increase productivity – have remained fairly consistent over time, with slight shifts in priority often indicative of a good or poor economy.  However, because the face of the workforce has changed over ten years, the strategies that employers use to achieve those same objectives must also change.  Year-over-year, the Study shows what strategies are working and with what results – highlighting how employers might want to shift strategies in light of the findings and enabling them to make informed decisions. Published: 2012

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