The Affordable Care Act and the Prevention and Public Health Fund Report to Congress for FY2012

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This report to congress provides details on the prevention activities undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Services.  The health of Americans is influenced by where Americans live, work, play, and go to school therefore, many Federal agencies have a role in shaping the improved health of the country.   The National Prevention Council, established by the Affordable Care Act, and composed of senior officials across the government, is an important opportunity to elevate and coordinate  prevention activities in order to attain the goals put forth in the National Prevention Strategy  (Strategy), a focused strategy across Departments to promote the nation’s health.  In addition, both the Prevention Fund and the Strategy align with Healthy People 2020 (HP2020).  HP2020 contains the nation’s health objectives for the next 10 years over a broad range of health priorities.  The Strategy identifies priority recommendations that all sectors can implement to meet prevention and wellness goals that align with those of HP2020. Furthermore, the Strategy is a national (i.e. not federal) strategy. Therefore, involvement (and funding) by other partners at the state and local levels as well as the private sector will be critical to the Strategy’s successful implementation.     Published: 2013

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