CDC’s Built-Environment Package

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Why is this important?

This 12 page infographic-oriented package includes a visual guide, implementation guide and real-world examples of how the environment around our worksites can be modified to support wellness behavior. Even though it highlights many community-level strategies, it still provides a well-formulated approach to a “built-environment” approach to supporting health and wellness behaviors.  This material should also be passed on to city planners to help create the supportive environment that employer wellness interventions need to be effective. Excellent summary and ideas on shaping the physical dimensions of the workplace.

The package provides a useful perspective for business owners and operators and can help enhance the effectiveness of largely individual-oriented wellness interventions.

What can you do with this resource?

Here’s what you could do with this package:

  • Send this document to company executives that manage facilities and services available to employees and ask them to examine it for useful ideas for supporting employee health.
  • Share this document with all Wellness staff and Wellness champions.
  • Share selected insights from this document with your HR manager and/or benefits manager.
  • Pass this document onto to facility managers and vendors and challenge them to look for anything that can be applied in company/agency worksites.
  • Pass this document over to city or town planners and ask them to review this for use in your community.
  • Establish a sub-committee of your employee wellness advisory committee and task them with improving the supportive environment of your work organization using the strategies and ideas contained in this package.

What was the most important thing I learned from this resource?

The most important thing I learned from this document is…. there are a number of low-cost innovations that can enhance individual wellness if we are creative enough to identify them and work to implement them.

In summary, this is a creative and valuable compendium that identifies a variety of environmental changes that can improve the health of employees.

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