Getting to “Yes” in Wellness – A Psychocatalytic Approach

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This 3 page article offers a novel way to open someone’s thinking about wellness – either on the personal level or the organizational level.  Written by a Boston-based psychiatrist, this suggestion for using the unexpected and humor to break through resistance has a lot of applicability to our wellness efforts.  Managers and individual employees can be opened or unstuck on old or new concepts by catalyzing unexpected reactions.  Read the article and see how much this idea can help you deal with rigid thinking about wellness issues, both on the individual level and the organizational level. We encourage you to….Try it out!
An excerpt from the article is as follows:
“Unexpected or surprising utterances can have what might be called ‘psychocatalytic’ effects, triggering or crystallizing a change in perspective. This technique is useful in cases in which a patient would benefit from being nudged out of cognitive or emotional rigidity. A mildly amusing or ironic comment is often effective; where standard approaches based on evidence and logic fail, a touch of humor can sometimes succeed.”

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