Incentive Pay Values with Survey Tool L4-16

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There are a large number of different types of possible incentive rewards that can be used in wellness programming. These are often referred to as “pay values.” For our purposes these have been categorized into tangible and intangible.  The distinction between tangible and intangible is based on whether the reward has form or substance or is largely an intrinsic or non-material/psychological value to the individual.  Tangible rewards usually are connected to concrete, material or easily measurable phenomenon (such as: money, time-off, merchandise goods, coupons for discounted purchase of goods, etc.).  The significance of this framework is that a well-balanced incentive program has both tangible and intangible rewards to help maximize the overall motive force or behavioral strength of the incentive program.  A general rule in incentive design is the greater the range of types of rewards or pay values, the greater the motive force as long as the mix of reward types does not become too complicated or difficult to understand and remember for potential participants.

Published 2016.

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