Modifiable Health Risk Factors for Young Workers

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This edition of Connections provides a focus on the modifiable health risk factors of young employees.  We know a lot about the health risk factors and needs of the older worker but our understanding of the needs of young workers is much more limited.
The document in this edition consists of 3 recent articles from this month’s American Journal of Preventive Medicine (AJPM) and addresses the prevalence of selected health risk factors for young employees for issues such as: cancer risks, obesity, vaping,binge drinking, use of tanning beds, physical inactivity, insufficient sleep, sugar beverage consumption, red meat consumption, processed meat consumption, inflammation, fast food consumption, social isolation, drug use, mental health problems, and selected screening practices.
These articles provide a current look at many of the health and well-being issues that currently affect young employees.
Use this data to select behavioral and clinical targets, evaluate health assessments, compare and evaluate population survey data, plan communication and coaching activities, and evaluate your wellness program.

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