WebMD – 2015 Wellness Incentives Workbook

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This 2015 edition of a helpful resource on wellness incentive design and implementation includes a step-by-step approach to smart incentive strategies, best practices, complying with healthcare reform requirements, and how to dodge some of the typical pitfalls.  A creative user friendly version of incentive suggestions based on WebMD’s substantial experience in using incentives to increase wellness program participation.  Lots of good practical suggestions.
Some selected highlights include:
  • Today nearly 90% of employers reward employees with wellness incentives.
  • 51% of those eligible for employer-sponsored sites and 40% of those eligible for health plan-sponsored wellness websites don’t know it.
  • 76% of U.S. adults who volunteer report that volunteering has made them feel physically healthier, and 78% report that volunteering lowers stress levels, leading to feeling better than adults who do not volunteer.
  • On average, clients who reward spouses/dependents for health assessment completion achieve rates 39% higher than those who don’t offer incentives.
  • Clients that include incentives for completing a biometric screening achieve screening rates 29% higher than clients that don’t offer those incentives.
  • Moving from no incentive for health coaching to having a coaching incentive raised coaching engagement by 21%.
Practical Significance: This very helpful and creatively designed workbook on wellness incentives provides many useful insights into the use of wellness incentives.  Not that we agree with everything in the workbook, but there is a lot of very useful and practical insights from one of the largest wellness vendor in the country (make that world).


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