New National Physical Activity Guidelines

Source:  Department of Health and Human Services and the American Medical Association Author:  Larry Chapman 80% of U.S. adults and adolescents are not active enough. That’s a major problem for the future health of Americans. The federal Department of Health and Human Services and the American Medical Association have examined the scientific evidence and are promulgating… Continue Reading ›

Wellness in the Age of the Smartphone

Source: Global Wellness Institute Author:  Larry Chapman Few technological innovations have had as much impact on our day to day lives as the Smartphone and the ever ubiquitous screen presence. Unprecedented connectivity to news sources, larger communities of interest, instantaneous contact with family members through text messaging, notifications, reminders, email access, capability of benefiting from… Continue Reading ›

Wellness 2030: A Look at the Future of Wellness

Source: Global Wellness Institute Author:  Larry Chapman With the rapid process of change impacting American society and for that matter, all the other developed nations, it seems appropriate to take a quick look at a somewhat edgy look at the future ahead.  This report on Wellness in 2030 proposes trends and events that are likely… Continue Reading ›

Meeting the Major Programming Challenges: Introducing “Solution Sets”

Source: Chapman Institute Author: Larry Chapman There are a range of major challenges facing virtually all worksite wellness professionals and programs. After conducting a number of formal and informal surveys and a rather extensive literature search process we have identified approximately 16 major challenges that virtually all worksite-based wellness programs face. In response we have now… Continue Reading ›

HIPAA in the 21st Century

Source: JAMA Editorial Author: Larry Chapman HIPAA has been on the health care scene since 1996. It created some often-awkward change throughout our entire health care system when first introduced. Covered entities had new and fairly extensive requirements to protect the health care consumer from unauthorized disclosures of their personal health information. Now 22 years… Continue Reading ›

Is Alcohol Safe to Consume?

Source: The Lancet Author:  Larry Chapman Almost every culture in human history has used alcohol in some way. But, what level of alcohol use is considered “safe” or “low risk” for us today? Each nation has adopted somewhat different guidelines for what constitutes a safe or low risk level of alcohol consumption. For Americans, according… Continue Reading ›

Declining Health-Related Quality of Life in the U.S.

Source: American Journal of Preventive Medicine Author:  Larry Chapman Unfortunately, some more bad news!  The health aspects of quality of life of Americans is clearly deteriorating.  This 10-year comparison showed a highly significant erosion of the perceived health-related quality of life ratings from a large national sample of adults (N = 79,402).  People are feeling… Continue Reading ›