Wellness in the Age of the Smartphone

Source: Global Wellness Institute

Author:  Larry Chapman

Few technological innovations have had as much impact on our day to day lives as the Smartphone and the ever ubiquitous screen presence. Unprecedented connectivity to news sources, larger communities of interest, instantaneous contact with family members through text messaging, notifications, reminders, email access, capability of benefiting from more than 320,000 apps, internet access, unlimited music streaming, Alexia and photography at our fingertips to name just a few. What is not to like? It’s not that this technology is inherently bad…its that it is probably too good!

Like all innovations in human culture and particularly technology-based innovations, we usually go through a predictable pattern of awareness, adoption, use, mis-use and discovery of the cautionary side of the innovation involved. Smartphones and screen technologies are no different. They can richly benefit our lives, but they also come with a cost. This edition of Connections brings one of the first reports on the opportunity costs or cautionary tales associated with excessive Smartphone use.

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