Corporate Wellness Services Industry in the U.S.

Author:  Sarah Turk, IBISWorld

What services constitute the corporate wellness industry?  How big is our industry in financial terms?  How many are corporate wellness services vendors out there?  These are just a few of the answers you will find in this edition of the Connections newsletter.

Why is this important?
This 34-page report provides a concise summary of the size and major characteristics of the corporate wellness services industry in the U.S.    It is important because it is one of the few well-researched and quantitively strong examinations of the size, scope, characteristics and business performance of the corporate wellness industry.

The report provides a great deal of information about market size and the external drivers that are likely to shape the future growth of the industry.  The current overall size of the industry was estimated to be $7.8 Billion in 2016 and is projected to have a future annual growth rate of 7.8% for the next five years.  However, this growth will likely be affected in a major way by the level of corporate profits, the rates of growth in health plan coverage and cost, the number of employees in the labor force and the awareness of the prevalence of modifiable health risk factors.

The report provides validation and credibility of the size and importance of the industry to the U.S. employer community and identifies a range of key characteristics for industry analysis.

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