Meeting the Major Programming Challenges: Introducing “Solution Sets”

Source: Chapman Institute

Author: Larry Chapman

There are a range of major challenges facing virtually all worksite wellness professionals and programs. After conducting a number of formal and informal surveys and a rather extensive literature search process we have identified approximately 16 major challenges that virtually all worksite-based wellness programs face.

In response we have now developed solution set documents for each of those 16 major challenges and have integrated them into the 4 levels of WellCert certification training. This edition of Connections newsletter introduces the 4 major challenges and the recommended solution document for the Level 1 CWPC Course to all WellCert members. The first 4 Solution Set documents are combined into the downloadable PDF for this Connections newsletter. Word versions of each document are available on our website.

Click here to download this document

NOTE: You will need to have an active WellCert Membership in order to download this document.

I hope this tool helps you reach your wellness programming goals!  Drop me a note and let me know your thoughts and if you found it to be helpful: [email protected].

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