The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard

Author: Larry Chapman

The CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard (HSC) is a tool designed to help employers assess whether they have implemented evidence-based worksite health promotion and wellness interventions or strategies in their worksites to prevent heart disease, stroke, and related conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity.

The tool was developed by the CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention in collaboration with the Emory University Institute for Health and Productivity Studies (IHPS), the Research Triangle Institute, the CDC National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP) Workplace Workgroup, and an expert panel of federal, state, academic, and private sector. To ensure the validity and reliability of the tool, a validation study was conducted by Emory University’s IHPS on the tool’s original 12 modules.

This study involved a national sample of 93 employers of variable size who agreed to pilot test the survey and provide feedback on the survey’s content and structure. In 2013, four additional modules were developed and tested using a similar protocol as the original validation study. For more information on how the tool was developed and validated, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in Appendix A.

The types of issues addressed in this document includes:

  • 126 questions that employers can ask of their comprehensive worksite health promotion programs.
  • Steps for use of the CDC Worksite Health ScoreCard.
  • Instructions for using the ScoreCard.
  • 16 health-related domains are included in the ScoreCard.
  • Active links to key health and wellness technical evidence sources.

Worksite Wellness professionals can use this information to:

  • Compare their own programming to evidence-based sources.
  • Educate management and employees about the technical soundness of their employee wellness programming.
  • Utilize these recommendations to help formulate additional organizational and wellness programming strategies.
  • Formulate an evidence-based organizational perspective on employee wellness programming.

In summary, this 81-page program management tool contains a survey and scoring process to help employers utilize evidence-based interventions and represents a thorough appraisal of current scientific thinking about worksite wellness programs, and therefore is of significant value to worksite wellness professionals.

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